Silver Process

After taking the impression the process goes through 13 different stages until the finished item is returned to you.

  1. Impression
  2. Cut into required shape
  3. Dry out
  4. Rough sand
  5. Fine sand
  6. Engrave
  7. Fire
  8. Brush
  9. Burnish
  10. Rough polish
  11. Final polish
  12. Attach jump rings and assemble onto chosen jewellery
  13. Wrap and box finished piece

After your beautiful piece of jewellery is finished it will either be hand delivered or sent via Royal mail special delivery. I aim to complete your jewellery within 10-14 days.

All fingerprints are different and unique to each person. Fingerprints of babies and young children are not as well developed and therefore these impression will show the shape and size of the finger and the ridge not as defined as an older child or adult will be.